Why Massages Aren’t Just for Women

Having been a massage therapist in Edinburgh for around fifteen years, I’ve always found it a bit unusual that the vast majority of my clients are female.

So I’ve decided to have a range of treatments tailored towards men.
Men’s Treatment Range

One of my male clients said he’d be happy to write a blog post for me to share his experiences with others which you can read below.

Why I went for my first massage

I’m on the wrong side of 30 and had never been for a massage before. My wife had been a few times and like lots of other guys I’d thought it was something that only women did.
So what changed my mind? Well, I’m stuck in front of a computer at work for about seven or eight hours a day. My neck and shoulders were steadily feeling tighter and more painful and I wanted to do something about it.

I also run my own business which can be pretty hectic and quite stressful at times and I was finding it hard to relax both mentally and physically.

A female friend of mine suggested I go for a massage and recommended Cari at Aspen Therapies. I gave it a bit of thought and decided my need to relax and ease the tension and discomfort was far more important than any daft notion of massages not being a ‘manly’ treatment.

A journey into the unknown

I had a look at the massage treatments on the Aspen website and liked the sound of the hot lava shell massage. I knew roughly what to expect from the description, but was still a bit apprehensive and unsure about how it would work.
I booked an appointment for a Saturday morning and headed to Aspen on Wolrige Road in Liberton.
Within a few minutes of meeting Cari my nerves started to disappear. What struck me most initially was how my treatment would be personalised to suit my requirements. I was given a lovely relaxing foot soak first (yes I enjoyed it despite the fact I eat Yorkie bars and drink pints!).
I then lay face down under some heated blankets and Cari immediately noticed how tight my shoulders in particular were. I could feel it too and wished I’d gone for a massage a lot sooner. Despite the fact I had massive knots to loosen off, Cari still managed to make the massage a relaxing and pleasant experience.

How I felt afterwards

My hot lava shell massage lasted for 90 minutes and I felt incredibly chilled out afterwards. Cari advised I should drink plenty of water as a massage can release a lot of toxins in the body and cause headaches. She also said I should take it easy for the rest of the day. I went home and felt better and more relaxed than I had done in years – I couldn’t believe it!
I have since been back to Aspen for more treatments and they’ve made a massive difference to the tension and discomfort I was suffering before.
I don’t feel like any less of a man because I go for massage treatments. I would encourage any guy reading this to forget macho pride and look after themselves. My massage treatments have made me feel more relaxed and comfortable at work and that’s definitely the most important thing.

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