Oskia Glow Facial in The Scotsman

Aspen Therapies Signature Treatment Review in The Scotsman – Spa spy Sulfuric classic – By Gaby Soutar

Let this potent mineral work wonders on tired winter skin

The treatment
The Signature Oskia Glow Facial, £75 for 75 minutes, at Aspen Therapies
6 Wolrige road, Liberton, Edinburgh, 07710 774704, www.aspentherapies.com

Why go?
This is the only place in Scotland to offer treatments from Oskia. It’s a line of beauty products containing MSM, an organic and collagen-boosting form of sulphur, which the brand owner, Georgie Cleeve, discovered after using it to repair injured cartilage after a skiing accident.

Our spy says
The therapist and owner of Aspen Therapies, Cari, has been away for a while, but now she’s back (yipee!) with a new spa (originally her garage, now converted into a sleek yet cosy space) and a range of therapies. my facial is a showcase of all Oskia’s lovely products, and, once I’m lying under a furry blanket, my skin is cleansed using their gummily textured Perfect cleanser balm, which smells of chamomile and almonds. After my foundation has been dissolved, I’m scrubbed with a gentle micro exfoliating balm, and Cari makes sure to get into all the crevices, including the sides of my nose, before removing the product with steamy hot towels. The first mask is painted on to my skin, and I’m sure I can smell the sulphur (it’s not eggy though, more of a pleasant woody, earthy scent). While this does its thing, Cari rubs my scalp using a conditioning treatment, and works her way down to my embarrassingly crunchy neck and shoulders. Then my face gets some massaging treatment with rose-scented oils, using what I can only describe as sawing movements along my jawline and lifting strokes on my jowly bits. According to Cari, this combination of lymph drainage and acupressure can help lift, relax and contour the face. Once my winter worn skin has been thoroughly stimulated, I’m anointed with a layer of the cool lotion that is Oskia’s renaissance mask, which contains all sorts of exotic-sounding goodies including MSM, Swiss garden cress liposomes and lemon and grapefruit AHAs. This is left for ten minutes or so while Cari exfoliates my hands, then massages them, as well as my forearms. Mask number two is removed with hot towels and, since all there’s left to do is go home and slump, I’m dotted with bedtime beauty boost cream. To complete the experience, I’m presented with a passion fruit to scoff while getting back into my clothes.

The results
Cari is never grudging when it comes to massage, which made this the most relaxing facial I’ve had all year. Also, if my glow is anything to go by, it seems that skin likes sulphur.


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