The benefits of a pregnancy massage

Being pregnant can really take its toll on your body. With so many changes going on from head to toe, a pregnancy massage can give you a much needed boost.
Please note this treatment is only available between weeks 12 and 36 of your pregnancy.

Keep reading to discover how one of my individually tailored pregnancy massages could benefit you. (Will be available again after I’ve had my baby)

Soothe your sore feet
Carrying extra weight when you’re pregnant can really play havoc with your feet. Fluid retention in your ankles can result in extra pressure on certain parts of your feet depending on how you walk. My pregnancy massage includes working on the soles of your feet to soothe and revitalise them when they’re crying out for some TLC.

Alleviate your aching back
Many pregnant women get terrible back problems, particularly affecting their lower back. While a pregnancy massage is not designed to be a cure, it can give mild relief of your symptoms so the discomfort eases off and lets you feel a bit more human again.

Invigorate your senses
With so many things associated with pregnancy from morning sickness through to general fatigue, you can soon become a bit desensitised to everyday things. I use luxurious warm orange blossom oil in my pregnancy massage treatments which helps to bring your senses back to life.

Give you more energy
With a new little person growing inside you eating up all your vitamins and nutrients, it’s little wonder so many pregnancy women suffer from a lack of energy. A long, relaxing massage will help your body rebalance itself. As well as feeling chilled out and calm after your pregnancy massage, you will also feel re-energised, invigorated and ready to face the world again with a spring in your step.

Helps reduce stress
Going through a pregnancy can be a very stressful time. Whether you’re worrying about your baby’s health, your own health, or trying to juggle being pregnant with your work commitments, it can all take its toll mentally and physically.
Even just taking an hour or so for yourself away from the hectic pace of modern life can help you feel calmer and more relaxed. Imagine lying down listening to soothing music with no phone calls, interruptions or worries while you’re gently and expertly massaged from head to toe.

When you need a holistic pick-me-up to cope with the stresses and strains of pregnancy, one of my massages will work wonders. Being pregnant can affect your moods and so many different areas of your body, it’s vitally important to take some time out to be pampered.

If you’d like to know more about pregnancy massage give me a call today on 07710 774704.

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