Pre-Wedding Skincare and Wellbeing Tips

Healthy skin starts from within….
When your big day is fast approaching, you’ll want to leave no stone unturned when it comes to looking and feeling your best. I’ve compiled my tried and tested skincare and wellbeing tips below to help your skin glow on your wedding day.

Beauty sleep: No matter how many pre-wedding parties or late-nights planning sessions you have, make sure that you get eight hours of sleep. Sprinkle a few drops of your favourite relaxing essential oil on a tissue and place it under your pillow to help you drift off.I love the soothing scent of Neroli (Orange Blossom) it’s great for calming your nervous system!

Eat well:Beautiful skin starts with good nutrition. Try this orange, apple and broccoli juice. It’s not only rich in Vitamin-C but also packed with antioxidants to make you glow from the inside and out. Click here for recipe

Hydrate: Up your water intake to two litres a day to keep your skin hydrated and purified. Read more about the benefits of drinking water.

Pure MSM Beauty Supplement – by Oskia: Does your skin suffer with conditions such as eczema, acne and psoriasis or could it just do with a bit more love from within? Then give this beauty mineral a go. It boasts detoxifying and anti-inflammatory benefits, improves healthy collagen and keratin production and helps to maintain a youthful complexion. I’d recommend starting to use this a few months before your wedding day.

Exfoliate your body to improve circulation: To keep skin healthy, use a body scrub just once a week, as over-exfoliating can strip the necessary oils your skin needs for a natural glow.

Treat your eyes to some TLC:Refresh, de-puff and put the sparkle back with this DIY eye massage routine, Please click here to see

Give yourself a face mask: The power house of your at home routine: Fruit acids & enzymes will bring a glow and radiance to your complexion. I would recommend using a face mask twice a week on most complexions and apply while in the bath or after a hot shower when the pores are open. Try the Oskia Renaissance Mask available from Aspen.

DIY facial massage: Take the time to give yourself an at-home massage with your favourite cleanser or facial treatment oil. It has amazing effects on the skin, improving circulation, supporting the lymphatic system for extra detox and drainage, leaving your skin rosy in complexion. And it’s a great way to boost your skin in between your facial treatments.

Take regular baths: To relax & recharge your whole body and nourish your skin. Pink salt baths (Therapie – Himalayan Detox Salts) are a must for me because of their detoxifying components and they leave me feeling deeply relaxed after a busy day in treatments.
Rose De Mai Massage Candle is divine when applied to your skin after your bath. It’s rich in nourishing coconut oil for smoother, softer skin and smells of roses from dusk ’til dawn! The ultimate way to soothe your body & soul.

Book a course of facial treatments: Course offer 6 for the price of 5
The Oskia Signature Glow facial is a blissful 75 minute bespoke treatment using Oskia’s award-winning range alongside a variety of facial techniques to reveal a brighter, healthier complexion, leaving you feeling relaxed and calm. This has recently been reviewed and featured in the Scotsman Magazine and We Fell In Love – Scotland’s Wedding Blog ‘Rated + Reviewed – Hello Relaxation’.

If you’d like to book any treatments to help get your skin in great shape for the biggest day of your life, take a look at the range of Oskia facials and get in touch now to book your appointment.

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