Five Common Causes of Back Problems

Five Common Causes of Back Problems

Many of my massage clients come to me with back problems and are looking to ease the symptoms of the pain/discomfort they’re having.
The reasons for their back pain can vary considerably. In this article I’ll discuss five common causes of back problems.


Pregnancy can really play havoc with a woman’s back. Carrying a baby around for 9 months can cause considerable lower back pain for many mothers-to-be.

Poor posture

Poor posture is another major factor in back problems. I see clients all the time who are suffering from tension in their upper back, shoulders and neck because of poor posture.
With so many people working for hours at computers without a break and not sitting in the correct position, upper and lower back problems can build up over time.
Also, too much tension around the shoulders can cause lactic acid to form in the muscles which then needs to be broken down through a massage treatment.


Stress can also lead to back problems if it’s been going on for a while. People suffering from stress often tense up their muscles all over their body without even realising they’re doing it.  This can lead to tired or pulled muscles in their back which can usually benefit from a targeted massage treatment.
The shoulder area is usually a stress hot-spot, but this can easily transfer down into the upper back due to all the muscles being interconnected.

Physical activity

Things such as failing to warm up properly before exercise and twisting/bending suddenly while playing sport are common ways people injure their backs. If the pain is severe and causing you real problems, you should always seek medical attention first.
If the problem is minor, the right type of massage may help stimulate the blood flow to the area so the muscles can heal themselves more quickly.

Type of job

It’s not just desk jobs that can lead to back problems. People who stand all day in their jobs such as shop workers can also develop discomfort. Other jobs that carry a greater risk of developing back issues include bus, lorry & delivery drivers.

If you’re suffering discomfort in your back due to any of the things mentioned above, one of my massage treatments may help to alleviate your symptoms. Get in touch now to book your appointment.

Disclaimer: The content of this article does not constitute medical advice and is for information purposes only. If you’ve been suffering from any of the issues mentioned for some time, make an appointment with your GP to rule out any other potential underlying causes.

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