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There are many things I normally spend a Friday afternoon doing (most involve work or running around collecting children). Rarely does that involve a facial. I arrived at Aspen Therapies with a feeling of slight guilt at my complete and utter indulgence. I left feeling as though that’s what I should do every Friday afternoon.

Arriving at Aspen (and having the luxury of free parking right outside) I was greeted warmly by the lovely Cari. One step inside felt as though I was entering a new world. A world where boutique spa and luxury hotel meet. And the smell was simply divine. As I filled in my vital statistics on the form I breathed deeply and took in my surroundings. It was not going to be difficult to relax. Cari’s most important question? Would I like a glass of elderflower water? How could I refuse?

I’ve had a few facials over the years, but as Cari described the Signature OSKIA Glow Facial, I knew this was going to be so much more than a couple of face-masks and nice scents. This was a holistic experience. I was so cosy on the heated bed that I could have drifted off to sleep there and then. But I made myself stay awake (for fear of embarrassing myself by snoring!) The Signature OSKIA Glow Facial was 75 minutes of bliss (with the lovely knowledge that my skin was being treated right royally at the same time). The facial incorporated a mixture of wonderful massage techniques (as well as “lymph drainage and acupressure to lift, relax and contour the face and increase nutritional ingredient transportation into the skin.”) Trust me – it felt fantastic! At the same time I was treated to a  de-stressing neck and shoulder massage using soothing oils. Just as I thought I couldn’t be in a more chilled space Cari began the head massage… For me a head massage is like a little taste of heaven. So much so that I didn’t care that my hair was more than a little sticking-up afterwards – there was no tension left in me to care about anything. Lastly (Cari tells me – by then I was in another zone) my face had a passion fruit enzyme mask applied to encourage my skin to look more radiant and a warm rose oil mask to hydrate and smooth. And as I was left to bring myself slowly back to reality Cari presented me with a half passionfruit to eat. This is the closest I’ve ever come to a facelift and I can highly recommend it. Was my skin glowing afterwards? Absolutely. And I was walking a few centimetres lighter. More Friday afternoons like that please.

This is the kind of treatment for anyone amidst wed-min stress. It would also make a pretty top gift for bridesmaids, or Mum… Alie x

Alie – We Fell In Love – Scotland’s Wedding Blog

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