7 Savvy Summer Skincare Tips

Summer is (hopefully) just around the corner. And when we do get some warm rays here in Scotland, it’s easy to neglect your skin while you’re making the most of the great weather.
If you’re planning to jet off on holiday somewhere with guaranteed sunshine, these 7 savvy summer skincare tips are even more important.

#1 Moisturise to the max
Everyone knows how much the sun can dry out your skin, so our first tip is to moisturise as much as you can. Because the sun is so much hotter in the summer months, it’s wise to put your usual moisturiser aside and buy one with a high Sun Protection Factor (SPF) in order to prevent any lasting damage to your skin.

#2 Pay attention to your diet
Dehydration is big no-no when it comes to summer skincare. When the weather’s hot outside make sure you drink plenty of water to keep your skin in good shape. Watching what you eat will also pay dividends and fruit such as cantaloupe is renowned for its anti-oxidant and hydration properties. It’s also delicious and refreshing when the mercury starts to rise.

#3 Don’t just focus on your face
Lots of people focus their skincare regimes solely on their face. However, in the summertime, it’s especially important to think about other areas you want to protect. The skin on your hands, feet, shoulders and chest are all delicate and can easily be damaged by the sun if you’re not taking a holistic approach to your skincare.

#4 Keep your skin cool
Whether you’ve been bathing on the beach for a while or sitting in the shade, your skin will be warmer/hotter than usual. Keeping a fine cooling mist spray on hand is one recommendation I’d make to look after your skin. Also, it’s wise to have a cool shower after a day in the sun’s rays as this helps to keep your pores unblocked and reduces the risk of acne breakouts.

#5 Exfoliate regularly
Exfoliating once or twice a week in the run-up to summer is a good idea to shed your dead skin cells and approach the better weather with an all over glow. Once the warmer days come around, it’s important to choose a gentle exfoliating balm such as Oskia’s Micro Exfoliating Balm rather than one that’s too grainy and harsh, as this will only serve to damage your skin further if it’s been exposed to the sun for long periods of time.

#6 No scratching
A great skincare routine can easily be undone in the summer months through scratching. Things such as sunburn, insect bites and allergies can all wreak havoc with your skin and it can be very difficult to ignore the urge to claw at the irritated parts. Make sure you are well stocked up with the appropriate creams to help reduce any itching you may experience.  

#7 Wear sunscreen
I’ve left by far the most obvious tip until last, and it’s just too important to not mention at all, even though it’s a message we hear frequently. Choosing to wear sunscreen is one thing; however, many people still don’t choose one to suit their skin type. Sunburn is one of the worst things that can happen to your skin, so be sensible and always opt for a cream with a high SPF.

There’s no reason why your skin can’t look and feel great all year round. Here’s a quick recap of my 7 Savvy Summer Skincare Tips:

  • Moisturise
  • Eat and drink well
  • Look after your whole body
  • Stay cool
  • Use a gentle exfoliating balm
  • Resist the urge to scratch
  • Protect yourself from the sun’s rays at all times

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