Lava Bambu


Lava Bambu Face and Body Massage including scalp (1hr 20m) £80


This is the ultimate Lava Bambu experience for the face and body. The natural Lava Bambu Zen sticks are worked over the body in a deep massage with added soothing effect of continuous heat. This irons away any tension from the toes up to the shoulders. An organic rose and vanilla facial oil is used with smaller batiki bambu zen sticks that concentrate on key pressure points of the face and scalp to beautifully lift tired skin and ease away tension.

Eastern tradition meets the latest in hot massage therapy with Lava Bambu™. The ultimate treatment for anyone who wants to feel relaxed, uplifted and energised. Our unique Bambu sticks are heated from within using Lava Gel which contains minerals, black lava, sea kelp and algae that add extra warmth the massage, ensuring that you will feel both invigorated and relaxed.

Experience immediate stress relief as the natural Bambu Zen sticks iron out and stretch away muscle tension while the continuous heat delivers a profound sense of relaxation and wellbeing. The Bambu Zen sticks are rolled over the body to increase circulation and lymphatic drainage. The entire body will benefit from the dynamic deep pressure and oriental cupping techniques which not only relax aching and overworked muscles, but which work to remove toxins and aid the breakdown of cellulite. A treatment for anyone who wants to feel relaxed, uplifted and energised.

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